Frequently Asked Questions

What is CappedIn?
CappedIn is much like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn but just for sports bettors.
Is this site free to use?
Yes. We will never charge anything.
Can I place a real bet on CappedIn?
No. CappedIn is not a bookmaker. You can make fantasy bets, talk about the games, get odds, see other opinions, but you cannot place real money wagers. Real sports betting is legal in many parts of the world but not in others. You should familiarize yourself with sports betting laws in your area.
How do I make a pick on the site?
You can click on any game listed on CappedIn. After that click the giant "Make a pick" button.
What games / matches do you have odds for?
Everything. We have the odds for all events worldwide. Click "Search Games Worldwide" in your main drop down menu.
Can I keep picks private?
Yes. When you make a pick check the "Subscriber only" box.
Are picks given out free on the site?
It is up to the person who made the pick.

On your profile page there is a "My subscriptions" link. Some 'cappers' only show picks to subscribers. Some cappers charge for Full Access to their blogs and picks.
Can I charge for picks?
Yes. It is totally up to you. We build the platform but you decide how you want to use it. CappedIn does not ever charge it's users for anything but 'cappers' can make arrangements for full access to their picks / blog.
If I charge for picks does the site take a 'cut' of the money?
No. We will never take a cut. You can run a Subscription Service on CappedIn and keep 100% of the money.
What is the Subscription Service?
Once you sign up you will see 'My Subscriptions' on your profile page. You can add people to your subscriber list and they will get an email anytime you make a pick or say something. You can connect your own payment link into the Subscription Service easily.
What is the 'Weight' score?
Weight is a unit of measure on CappedIn. Lots of things have 'weight' on CappedIn.

Weight is the influence a person, pick, article or other item on CappedIn has. It is based on:

1. How many people view the pick, article, analysis or other type of item.
2. How many CappedIn members vote the item up, down or hot. Becoming a member is always 100% free. Sign up now

You and all the things you do on CappedIn gain 'weight' when you:

1. Make winning picks
2. Vote good things up, vote bad things down
3. Use the site to help the CappedIn community

CappedIn does millions of page views every year and growing. Build your weight and influence FAST by doing things like:

Voting on things, making solid picks, writing something, and sharing what you do

You can use your weight by voting on things. As your reputation grows you have more weight to throw around. Your influence on CappedIn grows with your weight. CappedIn has a large and growing worldwide audience of sports bettors.

Some 'Cappers' have big followings on here, Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere. They Share or Tweet links to their picks and get a lot of people to see their picks. This also increases your influence and 'Weight'.

Basically, you increase your weight by making winning picks. Other big ways to build weight are: write articles, write analysis, vote good things up and bad things down.

The best way to get your 'Weight' up is to make winning picks. Winning can move your 'Weight' quickly...
If a pick has a lot of ''Weight' does that mean it is going to win?
No. It means that pick has been seen by a lot of people.
How does CappedIn make money?
We don't. You can think of us much like Twitter or Facebook. You don't have to pay to use those sites.
So the site makes no money, why would you build this?
There will be ways to make money from the web based software we are writing for CappedIn. Plus, we are trying to make something cool!
How do I customize CappedIn for me?
After you sign up go to your profile page. Click 'Edit Profile'. You can decide what is on your homepage / main feed. You can decide what sports and leagues show up on your personal homepage.
What is a Betting League?
They are just like Fantasy Football Leagues except they are for sports bettors. Start a 1-on-1 league with a friend in 30 seconds... Our computers will keep track of who is up.
What is Bet a Friend?
We keep track of both your bets and who is up. There is no way to send actual money. It is 1-on-1 fantasy betting.
What is a Private Betting League?
It is a league where you decide the rules. Most people do 1-on-1 leagues with a friend. Our computers keep track of the results.
What is the maximum bet in a public betting league?
The maximum bet in a public betting league is 10% of your stack for single bets and 5% of your stack for parlays. Many people start private leagues with friends where there is no limit, except for what you decide.
What is a Sports Betting Investment Fund?
You can start a Sports Betting Investment Fund and track its success. Track multiple fund strategies and stick with the winning ones.

The public can subscribe to your winning funds or you can share them with friends and followers.

Example: "I am so good at picking home team underdogs" - Create an investment fund called 'Home Underdog Only Picks'. Our computers will keep track of how this fund does. You can make as many funds as you want and see which is most successful.

For reference, please see this handicapper who has created some good examples of investment funds Betsportsstrong
What are other examples of Sports Betting Investment Funds?
"If I just bet $100 on EVERY game I would be up much more" - You could test this investment strategy out on CappedIn

"If I only bet baseball I think I would be up for the year" - You can track just how your baseball bets do in a special investment fund.

"I wish I knew how much I would be up if I only bet Moneylines" - Just create a 'Moneyline Only' investment strategy.

"When me and my friend agree it usually means those bets win" - This can be an investment strategy too

You can create any investment strategy you can think of and test it out on here.

The most successful funds will be highlighted on the homepage. You can disable funds that don't work out for you. Discover what works best for you.
If I am 'up' in my league or investment fund do people owe me money?
No. Leagues and investment funds are an online game with fake money. There is no way to collect real money. You can create leagues and investment funds with friends and the site will keep track of who is winning but you can't actually send money.
What is following or fading in sports betting?
If you think someone is good at sports betting you would "follow" them. People also call this "tailing" someone. When you follow or tail someone you think that they are good at sports betting in general.

If you think someone is bad at sports betting you would "fade" them. This means you think they lose money and you want to do the opposite of them in general.

CappedIn's computers will compute daily picks for you based on people and investment funds you are "following" and "fading".
How do I decide who to follow or fade?
There is no great answer for this. Some people only follow people and make picks based on this. Some people just fade people that they think are terrible and make picks based on doing the opposite of all the terrible people.

Most people do a combination of following some people and fading others.
What is a Moneyline bet?
You are betting on which team wins the game.
What is a Points Spread bet?
At the end of the game you add or subtract the 'points' on your bet.

Example: If my bet is "New York Giants +6.5", when the game is over add 6.5 to the score for the New York Giants. If the final score was (Washington Redskins 24 New York Giants 20) you would win the bet because you have to add 6.5 to the Giants score and that gives them 26.5 which is more than 24.

Another example: If my bet is "New York Giants -3", when the game is over subtract 3 from the score for the New York Giants. If the final score was (Washington 24 New York Giants 27) you would have a tie because you have to subtract -3 from the Giants score.
What if there is a tie on a Points Spread Bet?
This is called a 'push' and you get the money you bet back.
What is an Under bet?
You are betting that the final score for both teams added up is lower than the total set.

Example: If my bet is "UNDER 45" and the final score is New York Giants 14 Washington Redskins 10 you would win the bet because the final score added up is less than 45. 14 + 10 = 24.
What is an Over bet?
You are betting that the final score for both teams added up is higher than the total set.

Example: If my bet is "OVER 45" and the final score is New York Giants 35 Washington Redskins 30 you would win the bet because the final score added up is more than 45. 35 + 30 = 65.
What if the final score added up is equal to the number set for the total?
This is a tie and called a 'push'. You get the money you bet back.
What is 'adjust' on a bet?
This is what affects how much you win on a bet. If the adjust is +101 or better you will more than double your money. If the bet is -101 or lower you will not quite double your money. Las Vegas bookmakers use this to get a 'commission' on a bet.

Example: If the New York Giants were playing the Washington Redskins and you bet (both sides) $100 on Washington and also $100 on New York... you would lose a little bit of money because of this 'adjust' or commission. If there is no adjust you would break even when you bet on both sides. But you don't...
What is 'juice' on a bet?
This is slang for 'adjust'. Please see the answer above for What is 'adjust' on a bet?
What if a tennis match or other event ends in forfeit or retirement?
All bookmakers handle this differently. No matter what you do someone will not like the policy. Capped Sports has chosen to cancel all bets and push all money back. No matter when an event or match was cancelled. If you are in a private betting league or sports investment fund you can choose to adjust your balance according to your rules. This adjustment is of course documented. The administrator of your league or investment fund can adjust your balance according to your rules.

If you have not previously talked about what your league or investment fund would do in this situation you should follow our default policy of cancelling all bets and pushing back all money.
What if a tennis match or other event is cancelled?
All money is pushed back. All bets cancelled.
What is a Hot Vote?
You get 1 Hot Vote per day. Use it on what you think is THE most important pick or piece of information on CappedIn
What is 'Impact'?
This is how many people your activity on CappedIn could affect.

You get 1 'impact' point when someone clicks on a link to your write up for a pick.
You get 1 'impact' point when someone clicks on your profile.
You get 1/2 'impact' point when someone clicks on a game where you have a pick posted.

That 1/2 point above is a big deal. A ton of people find this site through Google searches, Twitter and other forums. You get 1/2 point whenever someone is on a page where you have a pick. It really adds up. The site has over 2 million page views a year and growing.

If most of your picks are 'Subscriber Only' this will influence your 'Impact'. Private picks are not seen by the public.
How do I increase my 'Impact' on CappedIn?
The easiest way is to make picks and write something about why. If you write something our computers tweet your write up to thousands on Twitter. Then a LOT of people will see your pick.

If you 'Share' your picks or 'Retweet' this will create a lot of impact also. Because more people are seeing your picks.
Should I make a ton of picks to improve my 'Impact'?
The main thing EVERYONE cares about is how well picks do. It's cool to have a ton of people potentially seeing your picks but who really cares if you lose all the time?

You shouldn't worry about impact that much. It's not exact anyway because you get a 1/2 point whenever someone clicks on a game you have a pick in. The bottom line is people care about if you win and if you write well.
What are Bots and Bot Investment Funds?
Bots are computer generated picks.

The description for each bot outlines it's investment strategy. We are developing many different bots and many different investment strategies for these bots.

Bots with Artifical Intelligence (Coming November 2016) (AI) will be clearly identifed in their description.

Let Admin know if you have an idea. View bots
How many people come to CappedIn?
CappedIn has over 2 million page views so far in 2016. There have been 45,000 unique people visit CappedIn in 2016. The site is growing pretty fast. We'd love for you to join us! 5,000+ people have created an account on the site. You don't need an account to use 75% of site.
What is the Consensus Las Vegas Fair Line?
These are the average odds without the "commission" added in.

Bookmakers in Vegas and around the world add a commission to the odds to give the house a slight edge over bettors.

The lines we are showing are the average lines of the top bookmakers with the commission removed.

The Fair Line is the line you would use if you were betting a friend and nobody was getting charged a commission. In theory, if you threw darts at a dartboard to make your picks, if there was no commission, you would break even in the long run.

Sports bettors tend to lose in the long run because the commission or "vig" or "juice" eventually catches up with them.

Capped Sports shows the average fair odds of all bookmakers, but without the commision.
How do you compute the Consensus Fair Line?
To get the fair Points Spread we take the median points spread line from multiple bookmakers and the average commission, or adjust. The calculation to remove the commission is +/- (underdog-line / underdog-line+100) / ((underdog-line / underdog-line+100) + (favorite-line / favorite-line+100))

To get the fair Moneyline we take the median moneyline from multiple bookmakers. The calculation to remove the commission is +/- (underdog-moneyline / underdog-moneyline+100) / ((underdog-moneyline / underdog-moneyline+100) + (favorite-moneyline / favorite-moneyline+100))
Can I advertise on CappedIn?
No. We are an ad free platform.
What if I enter an incorrect score?
If you enter a 'FINAL' score that is incorrect you lose 10% of your stack. The second time you lose your entire stack. You should only enter scores you know first hand. Admin monitors scores. Occasionally our computers misgrade picks. Please advise if you see this.
What if I fix an incorrect score I enterd right away?
Then everything is fine. Please only enter scores you know first hand.
How can I get noticed faster as a handicapper?
When you write something with your predictions it really helps you with your weight. Often when you write something people will find your pick and analysis from various Google searches. There is no better place to get noticed than CappedIn. We have a large following of people new to sports betting and people very experienced. All are welcome and we will never ask anyone for a penny for anything.
What is the contributor score?
These scores represent how well your written work is recieved by the Capped Sports community. What you write can be voted up or down. Editorial administrators can also adjust your score if there is a mistake. Would you like to be an editor for Capped Sports?

The quality score is based on correct spelling and grammer.

The technical score is based on well formed sentences, lots of doubled spaced paragraphs. Giant, long paragraphs are "heavy" on the eyes and difficult to read.

The content score is based on the article or write up. Catchy title? Is what you wrote interesting? Do you have engaging, strong opinions or are you boring?

A score of 9 or 10 is excellent. A score of 1 is terrible.

Writers and Cappers with high contributer scores usually build more Weight and are featured more prominently in Capped Sports timelines.

If you would like to be an editor for Capped Sports please send a message to Admin

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Capped Sports is a Limited Liability Company. Capped Sports has no advertising and generates no revenue. Capped Sports does not share in any revenue for blog access. Capped Sports is a community primarily driven by its users much like other social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.