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Mississippi (-9.5) at Boise State (+9.5) over +52.0

Game time: Thursday 8/28, 8:00 PM

Boise State (+10.0) @ $100.00 adjust +100.0

$100.00 Pick documented: Tuesday, 12 Aug 2014 9:03 PM

pick locked in almost 3 years ago

Mississippi vs Boise State Pick

Going with Boise State here. Mississippi players just don't seem as intense this year watching the news.


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Arkansas (+17.5) at Auburn (-17.5) over +55.5

Game time: Saturday 8/30, 4:00 PM

Auburn (-21.0) @ $100.00 adjust +100.0

$100.00 Pick documented: Tuesday, 12 Aug 2014 8:59 PM

pick locked in almost 3 years ago

Arkansas vs Auburn Pick

Florida State loss been eatin-away at this team all summer. You can see it around the practices. Alabama is the same way right now. I have seen this play out so many times over the years down here. These two teams when they both lose out come out on fire. I will be getting on them early at least until their lines start to come up. This team fighting like a dog.

Welcome! Admin almost 3 years ago
1 Love Arkansas +points AverySports702 over 2 years ago
3 Very sketchy game and not knocking your play but I love Arkansas, +the points because honestly their not that bad of a team this year and will want to least make some kind of effort (statement) and last 4-5 games have been 7 points or less also THE MAIN AND MOST SIMPLE FACT I LOVE THE RAZORBACKS, IS QB NICK MARSHALL IS OUT SERVING A ONE GAME SUSPENSION, SEE ALL THAT OTHER STUFF I MENTIONED IS RIFF-RAFF COMPARED TO THIS #1 ISSUE.. GOOD LUCK THOUGH AND FOLLOW AverySports702 AverySports702 over 2 years ago


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Alabama (-22.0) at West Virginia (+22.0) over +53.5

Game time: Saturday 8/30, 3:30 PM

Alabama (-26.5) @ $100.00 adjust +100.0

$100.00 Pick documented: Tuesday, 12 Aug 2014 8:48 PM

pick locked in almost 3 years ago

Alabama vs West Virginia Pick

Tide lost those last two games of the 2013-14 football year. Auburn and Oklahoma losses will have this team jumping out the gate. This one is 54 - 3.

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