About Capped Sports

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Capped Sports is much like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. But just for sports bettors. Share information with others or compete in leagues with fake money.

Capped Sports betting lines are current and optimized to be clear and open to analysis. Now sports bettors worldwide can connect with each other and expert handicappers to discuss odds, and betting information.

Users can post betting tips, predictions, news and follow their favorite handicapping experts. Capped Sports is constantly pushing updates to enable sports bettors!

Sign up and get a personalized feed for your leagues and access to expert handicappers. Follow expert handicappers in every sport.

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Capped Sports is a Limited Liability Company. Capped Sports has no advertising and generates no revenue. Capped Sports does not share in any revenue for blog access. Capped Sports is a community primarily driven by its users much like other social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Capped Sports is not a bookmaker and does not accept real bets. Leagues are an online game with fake money.